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Many hands with fingers under a pole doing a teambuilding excersize.


Passionate About Inspiring Others

Better Humans is built on a foundation of decades of experience through the zeal, dedication, and expertise of our founders and staff.  

The three founders of the company taking a selfie.

Better Humans is a company rooted in the belief that every individual, as well as diverse groups and teams, deserves unwavering support to thrive in their respective capacities. Our commitment extends beyond individual needs, reaching out to communities, organizations, and teams. We understand the strength of individuals is interwoven with the resilience of communities and the effectiveness of teams.  While we are a business, we are mission driven.

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Meet the Team


Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Better Humans is filled with passionate, dedicated, and genuine individuals who care about our clients. Success does not just have to be for one person, one team, or company.  We can all be successful.

Meet the Facilitators

This team is the very best at what they do. Combined, we have over 100 years of experience working with students, bands, corporations, non-profits, and every other type of team you can imagine.

​Let us help you become better leaders, better teams, and better humans.

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